Financial Planning for Professors

Educated Experts in Financial Planning for Professors

You’ve dedicated years to becoming an expert in your field. Very few are as in the know regarding your discipline, and there’s so much you can share with university students. At Gajardo Wealth Management, we’ve spent year after year learning the ins and outs of what professors want from their finances and how to make it happen.

You may need support with budgeting, tax planning, and retirement planning to secure your golden years. You might also seek guidance on managing debt, including the student loans that helped you get to where you are today. Gajardo Wealth Management offers specific, knowledgeable guidance to help you establish a clear path toward the future you envision.

Budgeting & Debt Management

Especially for undergraduate and graduate-level programs, tuition costs and loans can pile up. What’s the best use of every dollar of every paycheck? How do you manage debt and high interest rates? We’ll examine your monthly income, expenses, and long-term goals to help you pay off student loans, and other debt as well as invest in the future you wish to create.

Investment Management

When you’re not in a classroom, lecture hall, or research facility, you don’t want to spend every extra moment looking at your investments, you want to spend that time doing what you love, with the people you love. We’ll manage your investment portfolio to achieve your short- and long-term goals. The result? You get more time for your work and your personal life, while we align your portfolio with your individual goals, priorities, and risk tolerance.

Insurance Planning

How do you protect your family when the unexpected happens? We’ll offer unbiased advice to select the right insurance plans to fit your needs—from life and disability plans to homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, and more.

Tax Planning

As your advisor, we know the ins and outs of your entire financial situation. We’ll work with your CPA to analyze all the elements of your earned income and investment portfolio to minimize your tax bill, factoring in the timing and scale of your income, the timing of your purchases, and all planned and upcoming expenditures.

Estate Planning

After you’re gone, how do you want to take care of your loved ones and your finances? We’ll work with your estate planning attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out, including setting up trusts and wills, accounting for assets, and planning contributions to causes you care about.

Long-Term Care Planning

Most people require some type of long-term medical care or support in their later years, which may come at a steep cost that comes right out of your pocket. We’ll help you start planning now to ensure that no matter what life may bring in the years ahead, you’re already planning for your immediate and future needs.

College Planning

We understand how valuable a good education can be and we know all about the rising cost of a good education. Of course, it’s never too early or too late to start saving for college, but if you have kids who may be college-bound, we’ll help craft a custom strategy to help build your savings and fund their future.

Retirement Planning

Once you’re ready to say goodbye to the world of academia, what do you want your golden years to look like? Gajardo Wealth Management will build a personalized strategy to invest in your retirement, accounting for the future expenses and liabilities that come with this time in life.

Charitable Giving Planning

We’ll work to maximize the impact of every gift you make to the causes and organizations that matter most to you while ensuring your contributions fit into your overall financial plan.

Personalized Coaching

When it comes to financial planning for professors, we’re in it for the long game. No matter what life or the markets throw your way, we’ll walk you through it. We’ll work to manage risk and grow your assets while also keeping a clear eye on the bigger picture and your long-term goals.

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